Friday, 21 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Lulu & The Lens Flickr Portfolio.

As part of my research for the development of the branding of Lulu & The Lens Photography, I decided to look at her past portfolio, as well as her contemporary one. 

I initially got to know both Lulu and her work through Flickr, which is regarded as the world's largest photo sharing site. Although her past portfolio is very reflective of her work today, with a very feminine soft- focus aesthetic, with a great deal of flora, fauna and portraiture shoots, it's evident that her work and style has progressed a great deal since her last posts on Flickr in 2011, with an air of confidence and consistency with her style which makes her portfolio so distinctive.

As part of the branding process, and putting together both a print and online/PDF portfolio for Lulu, discussing the content and organising it accordingly will, of course, be of great importance. Unlike my other branding briefs I'm working on, Lulu, unfortunately isn't of close contact (living in Hampshire), so it'll be interesting to see the effectiveness of online/telephone and video call communication, hopefully to still create as effective a brand and identity as possible.

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