Monday, 17 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Jessie Leong & Jonny Storey.

Whilst researching some of the responses Photographer Jessie Leong (of whose branding I will be working on for one of my ten negotiated briefs), I decided to look up a citied branding inspiration in the form of Jonny Storey, and his online branding, as designed by Matt Setchell, an acclaimed art and creative director whose specialism in within the fashion retail industry, having previously worked as senior creative at Miss Selfridge along with ASOS, and collaborating with designers such as Bell Freud and Patricia Field.

The Jonny Storey identity was focused on logo and identity, online art direction and overall design for the fashion and beauty photography industry in which Storey works. 

Like Chanel's branding, which I have research in connection with Jessie's personal branding tastes and a possible brand direction, Storey's branding is type- heavy, with a simple, bold and memorable identity, but also uses a simple primary colour palette for a fun, playful edge which helps him to stand out against his contemporaries, and reflects the playfulness within his photography portfolio.

Again, I'm a real fan of the typographic direction, but colour is something I'll definitely have to discuss with Jessie as I get to know her a little better and see what most effectively reflects not only the personality of her portfolio, but also of herself.

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