Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Jessie Leong//Renée: the woman born again [Jessie Leong & Jack Tyson].

A selected series, noted in Jessie Leong's questionnaire response, of portraits taken at the Ikley Lido outdoor swimming pool in Leeds in July 2012, which represent her bold, distinctive and narrative-driven photographic style.

Photography: Jessie Leong

MUA: Jack Tyson
Assistant: Carl Phillips
Model: Emily Rose Smith
Hair: Rebel Pin Up [Leeds]
Styling: Blue Rinse [Leeds]

Images can be found in the selected Facebook album folders, links as shown below.

Renée: the woman born again [Jessie Leong & Jack Tyson]
The Final Renée : the woman born again

"It is 1950 something and the woman is alone."

"The woman coolly looks around her. No one knows about her day."

"The woman is contemplating the prospect ahead of her."

"The woman has become restless."

"And out of the water, the re-birth begins..."

"And out of the water the woman floats to the surface." 

"She stands tall, a grace amongst the waters."

"The woman stands with purpose."

"The metamorphosis has begun."

"And out of the water, the woman is alive."

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