Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Orange Juice Questionnaire.

Earlier in the day, I sent out a general music questionnaire to various friends and family (particularly fellow BAGD students) to both Facebook and Twitter to gauge an overview of popular music tastes that my influence the progression and development of my proposed designs for the hypothetical Orange Juice 'Rip it Up' promotional tour, and to which particular audience would be most suitable to cater my design, and to proposed idea to.

The questions and answers (a total of 20 complete responses) can be shown below, along with a conclusion of my market research at the bottom of the page.

1. What genre of music would you say you like the most?

Indie // 6
Rock // 3
Heavy Metal // 0
Pop // 2
Punk // 0
Post- Punk // 0
Nu Wave // 0
Electronic // 1
Dub Step // 0
Hip Hop // 1
R&B // 0
Garage // 0
Prog Rock // 1
Glam Rock // 0
Folk // 1
Alternative // 0
Other // 5 // Math Rock// I don't have a favourite, sorry to be difficult// Rock and alternative// Jazz// Progressive Christian Folk Punk.

2. On average, how much would you spend on a gig ticket? 

Between £25-£50 (I would only spend more if it was a festival ticket or a band I really loved)
Up to £50

3. Do you generally prefer festivals or solo/singular act live gigs/performances?

Both good for different reasons. So both.
Solo Acts
Singular Gigs
Live Gigs
Live gigs; more personal, and you can see more!
Gigs > Festivals
Singular live gigs, mostly because I personally don't like the excessive alcohol/drug use or staying overnight. I like to go and see an artist that I enjoy, and then go home.
Solo Performances
Singular Acts
The latter

4. Have you ever paid to go to a gig where you've never heard the performer/musician(s) before?

Yes // 12
No // 7
Can't Remember/Don't Know // 1

5. On average, how far would you be willing to travel to a gig?

Up to 30 minutes // 1
Up to 1 hour // 4
Up to 2 hours // 7
Up to 3 hours // 3
Up to 5 hours // 2
5 hours + // 3

6. Who is your favourite band/musician?

The Black Keys
At the moment it would have to be That Fucking Tank
Lauryn Hill
The Smiths
Don't have a fav. Again, sorry for being difficult.
30 Seconds to Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Led Zeppelin, Muse, and Rise Against (sorry really couldn't choose one)
Randy Newman
Goo Goo Dolls/Taylor Swift
Tough Choice, Wim Mertens
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Joe Satriani
The Libertines
Kings of Leon
Regina Spektor
Currently, Modest Mouse
The Strokes

7. How old are you?

16 or under 0
16-25 // 19
25-40 // 1
40-60 // 1
60+ // 0

8. Are you male or female? 

Male 10
Female 10


Some really interesting information sourced, particularly noting the variation of music tastes, but all within the Indie/Rock persuasion, which is well suited to Orange Juice's own musical genre and discography, with a willingness from an equal balance of young males and females to spend around £15/£20 on a ticket, even to see a band or performer whose music they've never heard before, and travelling around 2 miles to see them.

In the planning for proposed tour dates, this will help to research several venues within a 2 hour radius of one another (by car/train) as well as ensuring that the promotional design is kept general neutral and youthful, which is perfectly suited to Orange Juice's sound and style within the 1980's. 

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