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Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Orange Juice & Malcolm Ross.

All biography information in regards to Orange Juice's guitar/keyboard player and vocalist, Malcolm Ross, are from the independent Wikipedia source page.


Malcolm Ross's musical career started when he played guitar in the Scottish band Josef K. They released a string of singles and an album, The Only Fun in Town, onPostcard Records in the early 1980s.
After the demise of Josef K, Ross joined Edwyn Collins in the group Orange Juice, playing and writing songs for both the Rip it Up and Texas Fever albums. After Orange Juice, Ross joined Roddy Frame in Aztec Camera as second guitarist, and recorded and toured the Mark Knopfler produced Knife album. Next Ross embarked on other projects such as the High Bees with his wife, Syuzen Buckley, and Dave Ruffy (formerly with The Ruts).
In the mid 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Ross worked with many artists such as former Josef K bandmate Paul Haig, Momus, Edwyn Collins, Moodist Dave Graney and The Coral Snakes, Blancmange and Barry Adamson (ex-Magazine and The Bad Seeds). He was also hired as musical consultant on The Beatles biopic Backbeat (1993), and contributed to the original musical score of the film Chocolat (2000), playing guitar alongside Johnny Depp.
Ross appeared on ex-Fire Engine Davy Henderson's band The Nectarine No. 9's last album, I Love Total Destruction (2004) and is currently working with another ex-Fire Engine, Russell Burn, in their new band, Stac Lee. Ross continues to play with wife Syuzen in the excellent group Buckley's Chance, mostly around Edinburgh, Scotland.
Ross' solo career includes two solo albums on the German label Marina Records, Low Shot (1995) and Happy Boy (1998). A compilation of Ross' work was released on Re-Action Recordings in 2006, and he recently was performing as a member of Barry Adamson's live band. The future will see Ross collaborating with The Low Miffs, as well as producing the debut album from Erskine's.


  • "Another Year, Another Town" / "Big Woman" - 7" single - The Bus Stop Label (BUS045) 1994
  • "All Hail THE MaLI MAGICIAN, A.K.A AMADOU KONTE" - 7" single - spinART Records (SPART37) 1994
  • Lowshot - CD album - Marina Records (MA14) 1995
  • Malcolm Ross with gavin stewart & the Delancy Street Group and the Magic Clan - CD album - The Bus Stop Label (BUS1014) 1996
  • Happy Boy - CD album - Marina Records with Gavin Stewart (MA33) 1998

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