Saturday, 22 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Emma Case Photography.

Through discussions with Lulu (of Lulu & The Lens Photography), and reading her responses in the given questionnaire, I've begun to understand both her portfolio aspirations, and her own personal taste a lot more clearly. Cited as one of her particular brand/website inspirations, Emma Case's Photography (link as shown above) is a beautifully vintage- inspired, scrapbook- esque website, aesthetically, quite like a blog, with a lot of visual interest and quirky type and image combinations that, as aforementioned, perfectly suits Lulu's own style and portfolio.

Inspired by Emma's website, I'd really like to explore print finishes such as letterpress and blind embossing for Lulu's stationary and print- based branding, which I think could look really professional, striking, but, perhaps most importantly, adhere to her feminine and delicate portfolio and style.

Really anticipating getting started with the project, all future design developments will be found on my Design Practice blog.

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