Friday, 13 April 2012

Image//Image FMP//Rodchenko.

As previously mentioned in my research within the "Russian Graphic Design" Image self initiated brief research, Alexander Rodchenko, was, undoubtedly, the major force in the foundation of Russian Graphic Design, and Graphic Design on the whole- creating an experimental, modernist style and way of design that came to be Bauhaus, which is still commonly inspiring young designers throughout Europe and the rest of the world today.
Russian Graphic Design, as well as Swiss, have always been my favourite- but perhaps something I have not been brave enough to try and emulate, or be inspired by within my work to as full as an extend as I perhaps should have done by now. Taking influence from the Russian origins of the ballet, Swan Lake, upon which Black Swan is loosely based, designing in the traditional Bauhaus Russian style would be very appropriate- as well as adhering to the bold, minimal colour palette that the film consistently shows. Definitely need to try experimenting with this style!

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