Friday, 13 April 2012

Image//Image FMP//Little White Lies & Black Swan.

As part of my research for my self initiated black Swan poster brief, I decided to look at existing Graphic Design, Illustrative, and Typographic repsonses to the film.
As part of my research for another module running alongside Image, Design Practice II, we have been choosing live and competition briefs to work from and towards for the final weeks of the University teaching year.
One of the briefs I had been particularly interested in was the Little White Lies (one of my favourite magazines- dedicated to film!) D&AD brief, in which participants had to draw a cover from one of five specified films of the year- one of which was Black Swan. There's been some really interesting responses to the brief, though a lot of them have a similar visual outcome, but with a slightly different method of production. Hopefully I can work on generating concepts for something a little bit different, yet still visually communicative, and relavant to the film.

All images sourced through individual Google Image links.

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