Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Image//Image FMP//Olly Moss silhouette cameos.

Whilst considering the progression and development of my designs for the self-initiated image brief, and deciding that I wanted to stick to a minimal black & white colour palette (perhaps with a few elements of colour, here and there) my original research and inspiration from Stan Chow's work now seems a little too much- a little too bright, colourful, and so on.
Whilst considering this, I thought of Olly Moss' work- in particular, his papercut portrait series from a couple of years ago, in which he created handcrafted images of famous characters from film and television. Each were bold, distinctive, and very effective means of visual communication. Certainly considering something more along these lines now. Not quite as illustrative or as experimental as I would have necessarily liked, but I feel, aesthetically, this would be very well suited to my subject matter.

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