Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Blurb printing.

As the main focus of my design project is to make a book- not only looking at the cover design, as originally stated in the Penguin/Puffin brief, but also to consider both the interior editorial and illustrative designs, planning ahead is really key.
Although it is something that I would really like to spend time on myself and improve on by hand, time really will be of the essence during this project, as I hope to create a substantial body of work that will need to be produced quickly and effeciently.
Therefore, I have looked into getting my books printed and bound by online company, Blurb. The company has been used by a few of my friends in the past, including my partner's Architectural design portfolio, and I have seen some really great results.
Another great asset of this website (as well as the time saving element!) is the fact that you can print various editions- a luxury collectors edition, hardback, and standard paper back- which would be a great way to demonstrate my book ranges- an integral part of this brief.

To get the designs ready, printed, and returned I need to make sure I'm really prepared. Going to be a busy fortnight of designing ahead- trying to get the bulk of my research completed this weekend!

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