Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Hay Literary Festival & Waterstones.

After my initial inspiration and idea to look a little more into the Hay Festival, as a source of promotional marketing and promotion, I'm really excited about the possibility of using it as a platform to widen my project outcomes- working, and looking more into retail and advertising design, as opposed to the original outcome limitations of the Penguin/Puffin project, which simply requested for a book cover to be designed (which, realistically, could be a project that covered two or three days, not six weeks that we have for this Product/Range/Distribution project). 

The Hay Festival seems like the perfect location to advertise my book designs. What I had intended for my design was to be quite a high-end, heirloom design, with high- spec print and finish- something that could be passed down amongst generations, and the stories shared with various generations throughout the years.

Naturally, in today's society, reading as an enjoyable activity is often regarded as more of a middle class past time- as well as the process of buying books themselves (and being able to buy them as e-books through more expensive digital devices such as Kindles and iPads), so the literary festival, a family run festival (where I have discovered that children's authors Michael Morpurgo and Polly Dunbar- the later of which I saw an an arts exhibition competition I enter, and was wonderful, are featuring/talking this year).

I also discovered that their associated partners are wide and varied. Earlier in the day, I rang up the local Waterstones store in Leeds to discuss coming in to photograph their store (again, middle class- lovely shop!) to work on my own promotional designs, for research, and to show my designs in context once they are complete in the next couple of weeks, and, very kindly, they agreed! So, naturally, I was delighted to see on the Hay Festival website that Waterstones are a sponsor, as well as Waterstones running the  'Children's Book Prize' and being the main sponsor of the 'Children's Laureate' (perfect products for my target audience)... all falling together in place very nicely! 

Time to re-write my brief! See my Design Practice blog for more design developments.

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