Thursday, 12 April 2012

PPD//Logo Design research.

As part of our PPD work throughout the Easter, and a necessity in my own design and branding development, one of the key aspects of our self promotion and branding exercise tasks is to develop a logo which summarises and represents our brand. 
For me, branding has always been something that I'm interested in, but will be the first to admit that it's by no means a strong point, and, in terms of it representing my design work and what I stand for really does seem like quite a daunting task. Therefore, I have decided to research a few existing logo designs that have really caught my attention, and that I can take my own inspiration from.


Love these ranges of vintage logo designs in bold monochrome colour palettes. The variations shown are really extraordinary, and show just how effectively type and image can be combined for a clearly identity design. The 'Nick & Arthur's' design is perhaps a favourite- I love the way in which hand-rendered signage style type has been used in a refined way for a unique yet crisp visual outcome.

This reminds me a little of the Walker Books publishing house bear logo for their range of children's book- really bold, distinctive and pictorial. If I were to go down the image route for my logo design (which I feel would perhaps be most appropriate in relation to my design portfolio) then I would certainly want to go for this sort of simple, bold imagery (but with perhaps less bears...).

Again, a wonderful variation here with just one simple letterform, 'a' or 's'. Perhaps one of the most obvious directions for my logo design is to use either my initials or the single letter 's', which, unfortunately, is notoriously difficult to work with in terms of typographic design. These examples of experimentation with type have inspired me to get a little more creative, and think about how illustratively I can portray the characters.


Again, a really simple, vector based design which I think really captures creativity in a simple, bold way- of course, the giraffe neck and head acting as a signifier towards the 'long neck' in 'long neck music', incorporated into a musical note. Simple and fun.

Love the simple addition of the green colour to bring this logo design to life- signifying the 'frog' as well as the 'eco' within the 'eco frog' name. Really simple, yet considered. A fun, memorable pictorial logo design.

Again, another great example of the effectiveness and simplicity that image-based designs can add to a logo design- in this subtle, yet distinctive design with bright, eye-catching colours. Love the conceptual thinking behind the  " ' " mark along with the fuel nozzle- I want to create something as bold, yet simple, as this!

Again, simple yet effective use of imagery. I also really like the use of type in this design- the rounded, geometric shape of the design offsets from the sharpness of the points within the arrow 'click' icon, which makes the image look far friendlier than it otherwise could have done. Also well considered use of black and white- which logos should always be able to visually translate to incase of photocopying, black and white scanning, etc.

A fun and creative use of geometric shapes and vector-based illustrative detail in this design for 'Creative dog'. Not sure how effective the logo would be in black and white, as the bright, eye-catching colour palette would clearly not be as evident, but wonderful in colour. The reflective gradient effect also adds a corporate, stylised effect that denotes professionalism and respect within the industry.

Really love the simplicity of this design, with a minimal colour palette and creative use of type, ensure for a really crisp, minimal design approach which I just love. Really like the effect of the reversed-out white type on black too- making the design appear far more professional and clean.

Something really different, I really like the retro- like quality and feel of this design with the elongated, stretched, and hand-rendered treatment of the type which adds a really summery, chilled-out and creative feel and visual outcome to the logo design.

I really love the concept behind this 'Horror Films' logo and branding- clearly denoting the film reel, along with the famed 'scream face' in stark contrast black and white which makes for a bold, conceptual, and perfectly minimal design.

A creative use and combination of design elements within the brand logo for tony's organic food with a commonly used colour palette which denotes environmentalism and nature effectively. The rounded shape also gives a far friendlier and playful character to the design, which suggests a wholesome, feel-good vibe about the company and it's products.


Although I personally like to work more with sans serif typefaces nowadays (particularly within my own work and self promotional/branding design), I really love the elegance of this typeface- and the consideration for smaller design details, such as the 'y'. I think perhaps it would look more contemporary and a little cleaner as reversed-out white type on orange, but the black works well in terms of ensuring it can be shared and distributed in all circumstances, including photocopying, faxing, etc.

Simple, fun, effective- and communicates brilliantly. Definitely wish I could create something as simple, yet conceptual, as this!

Although I've steered away from the more hand rendered approach as of late, though I really love the hand rendered treatment in this typographic design, which adds a really cool, contemporary Native American like feel to the design (though in a modern, up to date style, of course!). Really love the boldness and impact of the design- would look great screenprinted or as a rubber stamp print!

A really fun, spontaneous, yet somehow still quite crisp design. The 'quirky' factor is certainly well played her with the unusual, contemporary typeface combined with the hand-rendered effect of the 'Q' above for the brand logo.

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