Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Rob Ryan.

An all-time classic of paper craft design, Rob Ryan, as always, has proven to be a great source of research and inspiration when considering my design development for the Product/Range/Distribution brief- looking at potentially working with silhouette/cameo paper craft design to represent each of my Grimm's Fairy Tales books proposed and designed within my series, with their own individual typographic and illustrative design, yet still ensuring that they work effectively within a series.
For years, I've been a great fan of Rob Ryan's work, and he truly does make paper craft the art that it has now becoming- working with narrative, heart felt designs that are illustrated by hand, to then go on to also be paper cut by hand with great care and precision.
Although I would love to be both this talented and patient, I don't foresee myself having enough time, unfortunately, to cut my own designs by hand, so will be looking to the laser cutting machine at Uni for help and experimentation with my design in the way of stocks and illustrative outcomes in general. 
Really excited to start designing now! For more design developments, see my Design Practice blog.

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