Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Arthur Rackman.

I first discovered Arthur Rackman's work whilst studying on a design project whilst at college, and although not at all like my usual style or taste with (art and) design work, I really admired the obvious talented, skill, and originality that Rackman possessed in his ink and watercolour illustrative designs, which, at their time, were iconic, and still remain to be to this day.
The main reasons as to why I am here, blogging Rackman's work, is because of his famous artistic contribution to one of the earlier editions of the Grimm's Brothers book, the collection which I shall be working on for my own redesign throughout the Design Practice II, Product/Range/Distribution project. Although, as aforementioned, Rackman's style is incredibly far removed from my own, I will certainly be looking towards his original designs for inspiration in terms of pattern work, in particular, as well as composition and narrative told throughout the stories.
Really beautiful, illustrative designs.

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