Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Penguin Kama Sutra.

Although quite a far detachment from my particular audience and subject matter for my own Product/Range/Distribution Grimm's Fairy Tales designs, a couple of months ago, I saw these new cover designs for the Penguin Kama Sutra, and the beautiful design has really stuck with me. 
My favourite, the design above, was the initial design that was originally rejected for not being as "obvious" enough (though that subtle tastefulness is perhaps what I like most about it!), though I still really like the designs that were chosen for publishing, the designs below- the shapes formed cleverly also used to represent an illustrative typeface (very clever!). Although I will probably be looking outside of vector-based design for this particular brief (to be a little more experimental and expand my portfolio, largely) this has proven great inspiration, and shown that my more geometric, minimal style could be well suited to the existing Penguin style.


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