Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Image//Image FMP//Print processes and finishes.

Researching various different design processes that I am considering using for my final design outcomes for this FMP Image project. For my theme, the history of the Academy Awards, I want to keep my designs quite crisp, clean, and minimal colours (largely keeping to a monochrome colour scheme to ensure that the style looks quite timeless and reflects upon the history and establishment of the Academy). More details in regards to the designs below:


"5 Reasons to move to Amsterdam

This is a personal project i've made to promote my work, sending this screen printed postcards to different studios and agencies inviting them to visit the website of the project:

In the website i explain that I'm looking for a job in the city and there's a link to my website and more info about myself.

If you like the postcards you still can buy one here.
You can download the wallpapers here.

Thanks to:
Lucas BolaƱo for the sound design of the video.
Ricardo Ramos for the developing of the website.

And thank you for watching!"

I love the minimal colour palette and chirpy, upbeat feel of this design project, with the use of the bold, vector-based illustrative style which I really respond to, and aspire to create within my own design work. Also a great example of how simply and effectively designs can translate between both print-based and digital media. A really fun, memorable design series.

Branding/Packaging Design/Promotional Materials


Again, great branding consistency and minimal colour palette used within this design series which gives the product range a really rustic, yet contemporary feel about it. A simple yet effective design which combines a simple concept with considered use of stock and print finishes for a really high-end, yet humble product range and design outcome.


"Qasimi - Anniversary Invitation


A really unique design which is visually engaging and appears very high-end with the use of metallic inks and a high-gloss black stock. The minimalism of the design, once again, works particularly effectively and adds to the interest and intrigue of the product.

  • "Bloomsbury Party Invite
    A 1920's theme foil-blocked invite & menu"

  • Wonderful consideration of the design theme and subject matter- this 1920s theme event is clearly visually communicated and represented in the stylised typographic design of the card, printed on matt black stock and a  bold, foil blocked finish. Again, I believe it's the simplicity that makes this design truly effective- and certainly a source of inspiration for my own filmic themed design project.


Has Bean Business Cards"

  • Again, really love the simplicity of this design, which, of course, is one of the major factors in it's effectiveness. The embossed detailing on the thick card stock adds a real luxurious element to the design which certainly ensures that it is anything but a throw-away item. Certainly the sort of bold, eye-catching style that I want to achieve within my own designs.

"Antalis Calenclock 2012

Graphic DesignPrint DesignProduct Design


A really innovative, yet simply executed concept that is truly unique and original. Definitely need to start thinking more conceptually with my work- to create a design like this would be truly great. Again, love the minimal colours and use of type for a simple, yet really bold design outcome.

  • "Heydays


  • One of my favourite examples of brand and identity design, from one of my favourite design agencies to date, Oslo-based 'Heydays', work and portfolio prides itself upon clean, minimal, crisp design with a selective colour palette that works very effectively. Definitely going to take inspiration for these designs within my own work for my Image self initiated 'The History of the Academy Awards' brief. Brilliant, brilliant designs.

    Again, I love the simplicity in terms of image consistency and style throughout this wedding invite range, with the variation in terms of stock choices and materials adding interest. The hand rendered style adds personality, character and, again, rustic charm that is perfectly suited for it's message and purpose.


  1. The boxes packaging design is gorgeous enough to call the concentration of the clients. It may be simple but definitely, it made use of the nicest graphics.