Friday, 20 April 2012

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Researching existing designs found online that have inspired me, or particularly captured my imagination in terms of creating my own Black Swan film poster designs for my self initiated image brief. The images poster above and below, all of which have been sourced from Google Images, use a variety of design practice techniques to execute their own specific message and visual communication devices to illustrate the films effectively. Written beneath a few of my favourite designs below, are further details about each of the designs, and why I rate them so highly.

I really love these unique combinations of photographic imagery and type on the posters for 'The Social Network' and 'I'm still here' (the latter, in particular) which really break from the standardised photographic designs that film posters ordinarily boast. The strong portraiture design really captures the bold central character role within the film very effectively, yet incredibly simply- a method and outcome delivery that I really aspire to within my own design practice.

I really love the boldness and simplicity of this design- the monochrome and Helvetica type work so effectively together for a wonderfully simple, crisp design that breaks conventional film poster design moulds. Definitely the sort of design that I myself will be aiming for, and that suits my existing design style and design portfolio.

LOVE this design created in Cinema 4D that resembles a gallery instillation of a neon sign which perfectly suits the 1980's theme of the 2011 filmic release 'Drive' starring Ryan Gosling. Again, what really captures my imagination is the simplicity behind the design and the crisp, minimalism overall. Definitely something to consider when creating my own designs- just because it has dark, complex themes running throughout the film for which I am designing (Black Swan), it doesn't mean that I have to be absolutely literal in terms of my visual communication.

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