Friday, 13 April 2012

Image//Image FMP//Existing Black Swan posters.

As a major part of my research for Black Swan, and my poster design developments, I was keen to take a look at existing designs to see what variation I could have in conceptualising some of the key aspects and themes of the film, and was really pleased to see some stunning designs- many with similar vector-based, minimal colour themes that coincide with my design considerations, and existing ways of working. I particularly liked the designs by studio LaBoca, (directly above and below) said to be influenced by Polish and Czech designs- and have a clearly Eastern European style similar to what I was intending for my own design developments (and really adore).
Really inspiring stuff- also an idea to possibly work with existing imagery and photographs from the film with Photoshop manipulations? Really excited to get stuck into designing now! (Thank goodness I changed my design direction!)

All pictures are sourced through individual Google Images links.

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