Saturday, 28 April 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Children's Book Covers.

Doing some more research in the way of children's book cover designs, potentially to inspire some more ideas for my own design developments (of which will shortly be available on my Design Practice blog) in the way of typographic/illustrative designs for the cover of my Grimm's Fairy Tale rebrand design for Penguin/Puffin. 

Below, a few of my favourite examples on Behance found today, with links to the designers and a brief insight into their work and aspects of the designs which I particularly like.

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"
Erin FitzPatrick

I love the simple, playful, typographic elements and the rich, ice cream colour palette used throughout this book design for 'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' by Erin Fitzpatrick. A really minimal, yet eye-catching, illustrative design, that is sure to engage children, without looking at all garish or "in your face"- one of the biggest crimes against children's publishing and editorial design! Still a sophisticated, clean design whilst still being a lot of fun.

20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea publication design
Aaron Bloom
Seattle, USA

Truly beautiful illustrative and typographic experiments throughout this publication design by Seattle-based Graphic Designer, Aaron Bloom. I love the contour-map style in the inside jacket cover of the book, which adds a really luxurious and sophisticated element to the design, along with the consistency it maintains with the rest of the design features throughout the book.
The bold, fineliner illustration designs also work wonderfully with the additional water colour texture to reflect the main themes and subject matters within the book- a great source of visual communication.

The Roald Dahl Collection
John Nguyen

Having previously blogged these designs for another project (I believe in my Book Works Image module?) I am still a huge fan of these consistent, creative designs for a series of Roald Dahl books, I believe to have been inspired around the time that the 2011 Penguin/Puffin competition brief was release to redesign the cover for Roald Dahl's classic, 'James and the Giant Peach', just as I have been inspired by the 2012 brief.
Great, minimal vector design with the added texture to give the designs even more life, character and design appeal.

James and the Giant Peach- Roald Dahl cover design

Charlotte Estelle Littlehales
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Another great design by Charlotte Estelle Littlehales (see my previous blog post for more information!) I love the way that gradients and subtle textures have been used to add life, character and depth to her design for the Penguin/Puffin live competition brief to re design the cover for Roald Dahl's 'James and the Giant Peach', as previously mentioned. 

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