Saturday, 18 February 2012

Image//Book Works//Print.

Looking at some simple methods in getting my x5 book designs made and printed for the 15th International Leeds University book fair after the project hand in on the 1st March- possibly looking into methods of commercial printing, not only to save on time, but also to ensure that a professionalism and consistency is met throughout my designs.

Whilst searching online, I returned to 'Blurb' a site I became familiar with last year- as well as a new site, 'Lulu'- both which offer self-publishing and print facilities. However, I don't think either will be ideal for this project, largely due to a restricted time frame for the design process as well as affordability. Selling each of the books at either £5/£10 means that I will get very little return- and, most likely, a loss if I were to commercially print these books at such a low unit order. Therefore, I have decided to take the opportunity to make the books myself- currently considering working to a perfect bind spine in a square format, which I think will add character and a slightly unique shape and quality to my designs.
Good video found from YouTube below which gives an introduction to perfect bind bookbinding- with useful information, in particular, about waiting times for glueing/dyring, etc. Will try a mock up of these asap!

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