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More facts and trivia about the colour yellow- some particularly interesting facts and figures here- again, lots of the information referring to cultural tradition and practice- which will give me a great opportunity to potentially work with some map infographics (which I seem to do every project? Destiny.), looking at maps and some strong visually communicative designs.

Phrases and Uses of Yellow
* In the Christian tradition Judas wore a Yellow coat when he betrayed Jesus.
* In the "Wizard of Oz", Dorothy followed theYellow Brick Road.
* In 1968 the Beatles' film and song Yellow Submarine was a huge hit.
* Law enforcement in North America uses bright Yellow tape to mark a crime scene.
* A Yellow Traffic Light means caution - or slow down.
* Yellow is often used for packaging No Name products to signify bargain pricing.
* Yellow Page phone directories are a common sight everywhere.
* We "tie a Yellow Ribbon" as a symbol of hope, peace and remembrance.
* The phrase "Mellow Yellow" is used to mean relaxed and laid back.
* The phrase "Yellow Journalism" is used to mean irresponsible reporting.
* The terms Yellow Bellied and Yellow Streakare used to signify cowardice.
* In the United States and Canada, most taxis are often Yellow Cabs.
* OSHA Coding uses Yellow signs to caution against physical hazards.
* In mythology, Greek Goddesses were always "golden haired" which has given us our fascination with blond people to this day.
* In the signs of the Zodiac, Yellow is usually associated with Taurus.

The word yellow comes from the Old English geolu, or geolwe which is derived from the Proto-Germanic wordgelwaz.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the oldest known use of this word in English is from The Epinal Glossary in the year 700.
In the English language, yellow has traditionally been associated with jaundice and cowardice.
The ancient Maya associated the colour yellow with the direction South. The Maya glyph for yellow (k'an) also means 'precious' or 'ripe'.
Yellow is traditionally associated with the Malay Rulers of Malaysia.
The Yellow Turbans were a Daoist sect that staged an extensive rebellion during the Han Dynasty.
Yellow is associated with the word ‘caution’ and is the second light on traffic lights.
Yellow pan traps are used to capture insects, many of which are attracted to shades of yellow.
Yellow is also associated with aging, for both people and objects (e.g. yellowed paper).
Yellow was also the colour of the New Party in the Republic of China (Taiwan), which supports Chinese reunification.

In the United States yellow is also associated with the Libertarian Party, to contrast with the Green Party (green), Democratic Party (blue) and Republican Party (red).
In the United Kingdom, yellow is associated with the Liberal Democrats.
In the United Kingdom, The Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP) has made use of yellow, along with black, as its primary party colours.
In cycle racing, the yellow jersey - or maillot jaune - is awarded to the leader in a stage race. The tradition was begun in the Tour de France where the sponsoring L'Auto newspaper (later L'Équipe) was printed on distinctive yellow newsprint.
Yellow (giallo), in Italy, refers to crime stories, both fictional and real. This association began in about 1930, when the first series of crime novels published in Italy had yellow covers.
More "Yellow" stuff 

She wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 film starring John Wayne, Joanne Dru and Ben Johnson.
You’ll wonder where yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent 1950 Pepsodent jingle. 
Yellow Brick Road from the film the Wizard of Oz
Yellow Pages Classified telephone directory.
Yellow Journalism Term for inflammatory, irresponsible reporting by newspapers
Yellow Tail Marine game fish of Southern California and Mexico
Yellowstone First national park in the U.S.
Old Yeller 1957 Disney film about a boy and his dog.
The Yellow Kid 1896 it’s considered the first comic strip type cartoon.
Yellow Jackets Small variety of wasps
Yellow Submarine 1968 Beatles’ film based on a song by the same name
Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘round the Old Oak Tree 1973 hit by tony Orlando and Dawn
Yellow Jack or Yellow Fever Infectious tropical disease caused by certain mosquitoes.

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