Saturday, 18 February 2012

Image//Book Works//Colour Swatches.

Researching various potential swatch combinations to use to represent my subject matter- yellow- in my 'Book Works' design outcome(s). Although I will use other colours in my designs, where necessary, I will aim to keep it at a minimum and merely use them as visual communication tools- along with a monochrome/greyscale palette to avoid too much yellow- therefore, potentially being off-putting or overwhelming.

Wanting to use a variation of colour swatches, I went onto the Adobe Kuler website to see which swatches would work well, and compliment one another and I got some great varities- however, some had dull, mustard or puce tones in them, which, as I have researched, sometimes have negative connotations such as jaundice or "yellow-bellied" cowardice, oppossed to the bright, happy, sunshine yellows.

My favourite swatch palette (image at the bottom of the post) is 'SUNNYSIDEUP', which I will go on to use in my designs- developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog.

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