Monday, 6 February 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//Innovative Packaging.

Research general packaging sources to act as inspiration for my own DVD case design. Whilst it is, by no means, the fundamental basis for this 'Design Production for Digital' project, I felt it was important to still give a good amount of focus and development to the design to make the outcome work as a whole "package" (please excuse the pun)- really looking to push the innovation of the design. I could just make a simple DVD sleeve, though I felt that my penguin subject matter, and my youthful target audience (children aged 5-11) warented something a great deal more fun, playful and "special"- something that, in the retail sector, would stand out against other products as something unique and memorable. The designs (with linked sources) posted below are a few examples of the inspiration I had in creating my own design (which can be found on my Design Practice blog).

Love the simplicity of these designs and the really bright, eye-catching colours in contrast to the white base of the design- and, of course, the round shape of the box structure itself, which has proved to be a major inspiration for the geometric shape and development of my own packaging design- which can be found on my Design Practice blog.

Too cute! love the fun kawaii- style children's character design for this fennel (vegetable)- like character for this Asian food packaging- sweet, friendly and a great novelty item which would suit my own design's age of target audience, 5-11 year olds, perfectly.

Again- great simplicity in these lightbulb box designs, but it works really well- a crisp sort of minimalism that I aspire for in my portfolio and designs in general, but perhaps didn't quite achieve in my final motion graphic designs- making them a little more decorative than I would of initially liked... however, I feel that my own ident, title sequence and packaging designs are an affective visual communication of my chosen subject matter to my chosen target audience.

Amazing (and very simple) idea- this sort of novelty and innovation is something I really want to push within my own design practice- this DVD special edition boxset from the series 'Six Feet Under' using turf on the top of the box to visually communicate the subject matter of the funeral director dark comedy. Again, really simple, but really effective nonetheless.

Brilliantly simple and minimal- not so hot on the green, but I'll let it slide where the designers made up for it on sheer innovation and wit. My kind of design.

Brilliant use of iconic shape and net design- this would really suit my own character design- perhaps utilising the outline shape of a penguin itself, or perhaps just the head- really fun and simply made- a great form of visual communication and humor.

LOVE this design- seen it a few times before in the past and always found it really smart and fun- a really subtle yet effective use of type and colour- as well as being a great talking point and novelty item- this sort of design would work really well within my own packaging, but perhaps making it a little more character based to suit the fun, novelty needs of my target audience.

One of my initial ideas for packaging was to create a mountain- peak design, a square-based pyramid which would fold out to reveal a compartment for my DVD to be held. A fun idea, but not very visually connected to penguins themselves- more the habitat in which they live- not as visually representative as I would like- though I really like this hinge design mechanism- a great source of inspiration, although not actually pursued in terms of design direction.

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