Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//DVD Packaging Inspiration.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst starting to generate ideas for my DVD packaging, I began looking through various online sources and printed media through inspiration. I found these two books 'The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook' and 'The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook 2' in the college library, and they had a great variety of net designs with downloadable PDFs to work from to apply your own designs to. Featured in the images below are some sources of inspiration which I felt I could have potentially gone on to develop and apply to my own penguin-themed subject matter in various ways, but didn't quite make the cut.
The developments for my final packaging, and general idea generation can be found on my Design Practice blog.

- Mountain peak? Suit the background of the original Ident #2 'Slide'? Colour palette works well with existing designs- something quite original and unique- could fold out from square based pyramid (where the CD/DVD will be placed).

- Penguin swimming? Would work well in striking monochrome colour palette- bold, crisp print finish with unique opening design- potentially a little too delicate.

- General DVD packaging- but a good, rounded shape which suits the basic geometric shapes generated in my own designs- suiting the character of my penguin subject matter and my proposed target audience of 5-11 year old children.

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