Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Image//Book Works//Yellow Infographics.

A quick spot of research looking at existing examples of yellow infographic designs (where yellow is the main subject, or used as a design feature)- and ways that it is utilised within the design itself. Some great variations of colours, shades and styles (I particularly enjoy The Beatles/Yellow Submarine design...) which are all, in turn, creative, fun, and often playful- just a few traits of the colour itself. Has definitely inspired me to look at the varying shades of the colour (research and generating my own swatches) to see how mood is effective by certain shade and tonal associations and visual communication links.

Note to self: black, yellow and white (with a hint of greyscale tint mix...as shown in the Mythbusters infographics below) is a SEXY colour palette- would look really great in terms of keeping the colour palette crisp and minimal.

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