Saturday, 18 February 2012

Image//Book Works//Yellow by culture.

A list of the various meanings and symbolisms that cultures attach to the colour yellow, and what they represent around the world. Inspired by an infographic design by 'Always with Honor', this is a subject matter I am particularly interested in, and think would work especially well within my designs.

Meanings of Yellow in Other Cultures
* In Japan Yellow means Courage and Nobility
* In Islam Yellow means Wisdom
* Hindus consider Yellow a Sacred color
* Buddhist monks wear Saffron Yellow robes
* In many Middle East countries Yellow represents Golden Prosperity
* In Egypt Yellow is reserved for Mourning
* In India Yellow is the color used by Merchants
* To Native Americans Yellow is the symbol for unconditional Love
* In China Yellow represents Honor and Royalty

* In Western cultures, particularly in Christianity (Judas wore a yellow coat after betraying Jesus), yellow can be symbolic for cowardice or betrayal.

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