Saturday, 4 February 2012

Design Production for Print//Top 10//DVD Packaging Net.

After traipsing through various packaging design and template books, I was really surprised to find (or not, as the case was...) that there were no nets for round boxes (with lids), which was quite disappointing. There were a few other shapes I had considered (a square based pyramid, for example, as a "mountain lanscape" (to fold out) though I didn't think this was very visually communicative.
Though I was lucky to find this basic step-by-step guide online (see link above for direct source)- although I could have worked it out for myself with a little mock-up session, it was good to have a quick go-to guide to help with dimensions, etc, for a quick and easy solution so that I can use the time I may have otherwise spent experimenting on working on my motion graphics outcomes instead. For the design development and final outcome for my packaging, see my Design Practice blog.

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