Sunday, 17 October 2010

what is graphic design?

As an aspiring children's book author and illustrator, the hugely talented and versatile author and illustrator, Chris Riddell, has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, since reading and falling in love with the book 'Kasper in the Glitter', which he illustrated for Phillip Ridley.

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat is one of Chris Riddell's persoanlly written and illustrated book, and alone is a wonderfully quirky and fun "mystery" book for the 8-11 age range, but what I always loved was the front cover of the book. The gold leaf-like texture of the illustrated section upon the spine works wonderfully with the bold red, giving quite a luxurious and expensive feel.

Along with the wonderfully distinct and creative illustrations, the typography works really well, light in weight to compliment the fine lines of the illustration, with a hand-rendered, "kooky" design.

"graphic design...simple and effective."

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