Sunday, 3 October 2010

what is graphic design?

dir. Winter Champion

I considered myself absolutely blessed when I was linked to this film short (via Julia Pott's animation which I previously blogged, none the less!)
Whereas I may be biased towards the fangirlish nature that is my admiration for Kate Bush, I can genuinely say, whether I loved her musical talents or not, I have been left in complete awe from this piece created by 'Winter Champion'.

The animated short follows through a two-minute condensed story of the rise and influence of Kate Bush's work (with the soundtrack of her own songs, 'This Woman's Work', and 'Running Up that Hill'), and is complimented beautifully with stunning, spine-tingling, and almost enchanting aesthetics.

With each new "page" of the animation- as if telling a story, there is new typography, a new style of illustration- yet it seems to flow so beautifully, with the consistency of gradual colouring on each page- and the effect of almost creating dust clouds and trails of stars (see picture above) as the story unfolds.

The combination of the music, this, almost magical, animated style, and the heartfelt sentiment behind this piece make it a truly beautiful piece, which has left me feeling very inspired, and I really aspire to be able to create something as thought-provoking and stunning as this in the future.

"appropriate, creative, obsessive, frustrating, organised, lives in the detail."

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