Sunday, 3 October 2010

what is graphic design?

Serge Seidlitz for Vodafone.

Whilst reading one of my all-time favourite illustrative art books, 'Illusive 2', I noticed this wonderful example of promotional poster art, unusually, for the very first time.

The visual layout and idea is very simple, but also incredibly effective- as each country is depicted by an illustrative symbol, landmark, or particular stereotype of the country- with a continuous style and childlike-sweet pastel palette which represents the "togetherness" and connection that the advertisement is aimed towards- the Vodafone customer.

I really love this style of work, sweet, traditional, non-offensive and clearly distinctive- a style that i really aspire to, and would love to pursure, and create my own mark upon.

I really love the child-like style, giving the view that both the graphic style of the promotional poster, and the company, Vodafone, in which they are advertising for, are suitable universally- for everyone, and anyone- which, of course, was perfect, for it's intended positioning and publication within airport terminals across the United Kingdom.

"graphic design is...the effective delivery of a message, idea, or concept through the use of visual language."

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