Sunday, 17 October 2010

what is graphic design?

I really can't get enough of paper cut designs lately!
I really love this music video directed by James Copeman for Laura Marling's single, 'Ghosts'.

The animated paper cut craft pieces effortlessly, and beautifully follow along with the lyrics of the song- the screenshot above being my favourite, with "all the ghosts that broke my heart before i met you".
The song, both beautiful and poignant, works wonderfully with the motion graphics and looks entirely unique, original and magical.
I would love to experiment, as I have mentioned before, not only with paper cuts in the near future, but also with their application into other mediums, particularly animation and motion- this video has completely inspired me, and i'm sure it will for you too.

"appropriate, creative, obsessive, frustrating, organised, lives in the detail."

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