Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what is graphic design?

Clare Owen- "We can do it!"

Clare Owen, undoubtedly, is one of my favourite up-and-coming illustrators. Her sweet, genteel and hand-crafted style works wonderfully with her innovative and creative mind- with a brilliantly versatile portfolio showcasing this.

This vector illustration is one of my favourites from Clare- a piece created to showcase the "new wave of feminism and the new craft movement".
The picture depicts two arms knitting a textiles piece- subtly representing the iconic wartime women's liberation and production 'We can do it!" poster:

I love the subtlty of Clare's design- blending the feminism and craft elements together so naturally- and I particularly love the craft utensils tattoos embellishing the knitting arms and hands!

As I mentioned before, I really adore Clare's sweet style, and think that this is a wonderful contemporary design, which is really distinctive, and bursting with character.

"graphic the effective delivery of a message, idea, or concept through the use of visual language."

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