Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what is graphic design?

Rob Ryan
'this is for you'.

My heart just skipped a beat.

London-based shop-owner ('Ryan Town'), MA Graduate in printmaking, Vogue-featured papercutting artist: Rob Ryan is at the top of his game.

I remember that particular Vogue feature, published around five years ago, and remeber instantly storing Rob Ryan in my favourite artists mental list.

The picture above is from Rob Ryan's book 'This is for you', which I have very recently ordered and am greatly anticipating receiving. The book travels through a fairy tale consisting of lost love, hope, and happiness.

I love Rob Ryan's consistent sentimentality and romanticism through his work- always with such optimism and incrediblly delicate and crafted.

I particularly love the red and white colour combination on this page (as featured throughout the book) and the style of font that Rob Ryan uses throughout his work- I find his effort and talent truly awe-inspiring, and as a particular fan of paper cutting techniques, I really aspire to produce work even half as magnificent as this in the near future.

"graphic design...simple and effective."

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