Wednesday, 6 October 2010

what is graphic design?

Design Project Leeds

Last week, whilst at work in a great bout of luck, I met a part-time promotions woman, whilst chatting away, I discovered that she not only is a freelance photographer, (when not selling promotional goods to the masses!) but is also the wife to a graphic designer, and head of the company 'Design Project' in Leeds.

After taking her business card, I curiously went on to look at both her, but particularly her husband's work, and was delighted with what I saw.
Through a variety of graphic work available through the online portfolio, I was particularly interested in the company's work towards the 44th D&AD annual design and production work.

The 600-page annual is a map around the art works submitted from the creative minds the world over, particularly focusing in on adveritsing and design.
Of course, to showcase great artworks, the outer shell has to have a high and eye-catching quality, to compliment the creativity within, and I believe that this has certainly been achieved.

The bright yellow colour is delightfully uplifting and radiates optimism and happiness- you really can never feel like a pessimist when you are looking at yellow!
The book has a clear, structured layout with angular formatting which varies throughout the book, keeping the eye and mind busy- for constant ineraction through the book, thus little risk of the viewer loosing attention.

The bold, metallic font used for headers throughout is also really eye-catching, and works subtly with the page colours, keeping the whole aesthetic sleek and very professional-looking.

"graphic design...simple and effective."

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