Saturday, 16 October 2010

what is graphic design?

Love this "moms on mannerisms" animation short by Jan Avendano- bright, colourful, quirky and "straight to the point"- a factor which is often so important within graphic design, as it communicates quickly and efficiently.

(great simplistic idea- the typographic illustration getting "eaten away" to suit the theme of the animation)
I really like the use of creative colour development throughout the animation is a charmingly child-like style, direct to it's target audience, yet universal among all age ranges for it's appeal.

This is a great example of community-based or driven art work- fun, full of character and immediate. It's short pieces of animation like these that are so positive, even a neccessity, into some of the difficult problems in modern society (in this case, poor diet and childhood obesity) and how we can resolve them.

"graphic the effective delivery of a message, idea, or concept through the use of visual language."

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