Tuesday, 5 October 2010

forms of sequence: visual language.

Forms of Sequence: moustache-growing-prowess.

The short illustrative series above shows my very condensed impression of the stages of moustache growth ("movember" is just a month away!)

I wanted to create a quick sketch up to show a more playful side to the sequence process- as, in most circumstances, sequence instructions can be mundane and for very serious matters- usually involving health and safety.

I wanted to show the three short stages- clean shaved and dissatisfied with life- stubble-bound and reasonably happy with life- and a proud owner of a moustache poirot would be proud of, and overjoyed (obviously!).

I added pink papercut circle cheeks for a tiny splash of faint colour, and added the times new roman numerical numbers to the left of each illustrative stage, as to show some sort of order, and giving a classic, clean-cut feel.
(less can be said for number 3...)

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