Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What Is Love/Life/Death: Primary Research.

Gathering research and opinions- people's opinions and views of life, love, and death.
Potentially to use in my design work- as a stand alone source, or perhaps in combination with secondary source quotes and narrative.

What is Love?
*Something that can't be explained- a bubbly, happy, estatic feeling but can also be a heartbreakingly painful feeling- Georgina Balmer.
*Love is an overpowering feeling toward someone- Kirsty Alderson.
*Shit- Liv Chapman.
*Love is someone's every hope and dream, a hard thing to be found that is worth everything in the end, a beautiful true feeling yet only a few people will get to experience it in their life time- Jessee Denton.
*Love is learning about the whole person and being able to love their imperfections along with everything else, caring more about them then you care about yourself, and knowing you'd do anything in the world to make them happy, even if it's detremental to you. Love is unconditional- Becki McKechnie.
*When you can be yourself, when they know when you're unhappy without having to be told. When they don't know every little detail about you, and isn't obsessed, but cares about what makes you happy. When they do stupid little things to make you smile. When you get butterflies still, even though you've been together for so long. When nothing else would make you happier than to see them happy.

What is Life?

*Life is too short to live. So everytime you get a chance, live your life to the fullest as not even oneself knows when it is going to end- Nayan Subba via Yahoo Answers.
*It's a time lapse- EVA via Yahoo Answers.
*Life is a series of adventures- Dustbin 6 via Yahoo Answers.
*Life is God and the presence of God. Death is void of God- Skew Brain via Yahoo Answers.

What is Death?

*The end of life- Alexander Moses via Yahoo Answers.
*A breath deficit- NO chance without Jesus via Yahoo Answers.
*A permanent shutting down of the brain- Tik172 via Yahoo Answers.
*Denying God and rebelling against him!- ... via Yahoo Answers.
*When you quit being alive- Frogma via Yahoo Answers.
*The end of life- Tess Tickle via Yahoo Answers.
*Game over, man- Professor Vostokov.

I was really lucky to obtain such a variation in repsonses, witty, clever, spiritual, logical- all with great promise and development potential. I will now go on to experiment with both these and secondary source quotes in my poster designs.

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