Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Types of Lies.

Potential fields to explore...

*Blatant/Black Lie- Frowned upon, without particular cause- often to hurt others or protect oneself.
* White Lie- Placebo effect, often intending to make others feel better about themselves, or a situation they find themselves in.
* Lies of magnitude- Exagerration/Confidence boost- making oneself feel better than they currently do.
* Lies of misdirection- Most commonly used by Magicians and terrible people- used to trick or fool the person being lied to- varying levels of innocence and evil.
* Partial truth- Concealing parts of the truth.
* Self-Deception- Lieing to oneself about the actual truth, fooling yourself to believe that something could be true.
* Potential truths- Fabrication, not entirely sure whether or not something is true, but persuing it as if it were.
*Deflecting- Changing the view of the person you are lying to through persuassion.

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