Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image (Yulia Brodskaya).


From recently recieving the greatly-anticipated present of 'papercraft: design with art and paper' (gestalten) for a birthday present, I was fortunate enough to discover the talents of papercrafts and quilling artist, Yulia Brodskaya.

Yulia combines training in oragami, fine art and textiles with typographic formations to create bold, striking and refreshingly organic graphic design pieces- with an impressive portfolio- her clients ranging from Nokia to Hermes. 
Yulia's work, to me, is so impressive as it's so vibrant and expressive in terms of communication- her style is incredibly distinctive- bright, colourful, and, as aforementioned, refreshing organic. Whenever I look at Yulia's work, as a designer, it's really inspiring to almost remind myself that I don't need to be sat at a computer all day to create great design- that hand-rendering design can be just, if not more, effective- dependent on the brief and client's demands, of course.

Generally, I believe that Yulia's work is created in a reasonably minimal scale- usually, for client based work, being used in magazines or poster advertisement campaigns- however, it would easily translate as effectively on a largely scale- for a billboard, and on screen when photographed also.

Though, what is undoubtedly clear about Yulia's work is the life and joy that it expresses- her audience therefore being very wide- her style translates to numerous products and companies- but always brings happiness and vitality to an image- utterly exuberant.

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