Thursday, 31 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Charlotte Delarue.

 A one-time pencil-o-holic, I was really drawn to this tonal design by French artist and illustrator,
Charlotte Delarue.

Like many of Charlotte's designs, 'No Future', created for 'Surface to Air'

("boutique and creative studio" website brand) is creative, masterfully drawn with complete life-like portraiture accuracy and skill, but what really drew me in to this picture was the combination of the type and image- the B-Movie style mock 1970's horror flick writing- reminisant of such flicks as 'The Blob' from my childhood, growing up with the slightly naff, but also slightly brilliant terrors of American cinema.

I really liked the perspective of the layout of the type- bursting out of the image- shouting out to the viewer or reader.

Delarue's style translates over many different mediums- but her classyand sophisticated style is well- suited to a high end market- creating ironic, "kitsch cool" design.

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