Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Mark Dickson.

Sourced from another great read, Taschen's 'Illustration Now! 3' I discovered the work of Leeds Metropolitan graduate, Mark Dickson, who combines various mediums and materials including watercolours, spray paints, inks, and editing in adobe photoshop. 

I have found Mark's blending of methods and techniques really inspiring- a practice which I myself was quite fond of in college, but through discovering new software methods and techniques haven't necessarily considered to the same extent whilst at university (I'm working on this!). 

I particularly liked the 'Secret life of a manic depressive' Stephen Fry print he created, printed in Taschen's book, and later on their year calendar (see pictures above)- translating well on both, and I presume many other print mediums.

I really like Dickson's contemporary, minimal style which somehow blends into completely accuracy and life-like appearance in his portraits- he also uses tones brilliantly; using only black and white to create such a variety of shades and light within this piece.

Great visual communication and representation with imagery in this piece- the raven symbolising the death and melancholy that is notoriously known to overshadow the manic depressive's life- along with expressive, and scratchy lettering in the hand-drawn typeface above.

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