Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Communication is a Virus: Further Questionnaire.

After the responses from questionnaires yesterday evening, people's views on lieing became very clear- people naturally assumed it to be very improper, and associated it with guilt and lack of bravery etc.
I began to consider other possible routes to explore- realising that, as we expected, fufilling this brief would be very challenging- in honesty, perhaps even more challenging that we had first thought.

In Yahoo Answers US and the Facebook BAGD LCA board I asked...

"Do you think false compliments are a good or a bad thing?
would you give someone a false compliment to make them feel better? do you think it's good, or bad? how do you feel afterwards?"

it depends on the context, telling your mum she looks nice, when its hideous is easily forgiven you are trying to make them feel better!

Hope i helped! :D
I think it is wrong to lie.False compliments are a lie, if you can't be up front and tell the truth say nothing. If you know the person is lying how can that make you feel good?
If you guys are reallyyy close then you tell them nothing but the truth, they know you're trying to look out for them but you can fake it with people you don't know

false compliments r good, how would u like it if you said "do you like my shirt" and they said "ew no," who evr thought of false complimnts waaaas a genious cus every1 knoows we couldnt go without them. nothin wrong with lyin, everyone lies and it saves ur own ***. i always lie to ppl but im honest when it comes to how ppl look, cus i dont like lookin at em and i want em to change if they look ridic. of course, i woudl want ppl to tel me i looked aawesome even if i didnt cus that is just rude not 2!
False compliments are always a bad idea because you run the risk of someone finding out that you are not telling the truth and then being more hurt than if you had not complimented them. If you would like to compliment someone in order to boost their confidence pick then compliment them on something that you actually believe. For example, if you don't find them attractive, but you think they have good style then you should compliment them on their fashion rather than their appearance. If they ask you a question point blank its really your call, but they are backing you into a corner and have to deal with the consequences.
It's people pleasing.
If it was to keep them from killing themselves I will.
its bad but even worse if you told them the truth
False compliments are fake. It has no meaning, so why say something you don't believe? People get into this mode of people-pleasing. It makes you detach yourself from yourself and your own feelings. It's bad.


Sincerity is my mantra! So know don't agree with giving false compliments.
I don't agree with it either. I think it's better to just always be honest with someone about anything, whether they are upset of not because it's not fair to say things just to make them feel better - it can only result in things being worse in the long run :)

Again- having difficulties with this one- may be cause for "going back to the drawing board"- once again, a largely negative result. Perhaps it wouldn't be too late to turn it around to "telling the truth in awkward situations"- perhaps creating a compliment sandwich- as someone once said, avoiding a negative answer with another truth? A habit that was once picked up from my subconcious (presumably this was just part of my optimistic nature!). Definately need to have a group meeting tomorrow to figure out a definate design focus to present at the progress crit on Friday!!

-Possible design idea- created in both a male and female series. A way to avoid the truth by telling another truth? Need to discuss with group.

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