Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type- Alex Trochut for The Rolling Stones.

I first came across Alex Trochut's wonderful, and diverse typographic and illustrative design work from Tashen's 'Illustration Now! 3' book publication. 

Alex Trochut is undoubtely one of my favourite typographers- his style so diverse and varied, he shows brilliant communication and traslation of themes through a variety of client-based design, including The Guardian's G2 supplement, British Airways, and The Rolling Stones (their vinyl cover, designed by Trochut, pictured above).

The aforementioned vinyl cover particularly caught my eye- as a natural magpie for bold, metallic designs such as this. The cover typeface looking truly desirable and tactile- almost urging you to go and touch the smooth curves of the gold- a truly luxurious and engaging design with a great consistency for the intricate oriagami fold of the CD edition, and the LP vinyl slip covers.

A really bold and classy design, this visually works so well as a clear message that this vinyl, this music is of "golden" quality- it doesn't need excessive flourish and garish design, it stands alone. 

A wonderful typographic design which reflects the band and the product greatly.

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