Sunday, 27 March 2011

What Is A Line?: Constellations- Dot-to-Dot.

One of my original considerations for this project was to create a dot-to-dot constellation guide or colouring book (perhaps particularly targeted at children as a learning tool?). Here are the few examples I found online...

Here- a design shown specificially for an educational tool for children- very simplistic and visually representative of the subject. As I would like mine to be a lot more design focused and crisp, this is a little too child-like for me- but a good idea. Perhaps I could use smaller vector stars, dots, or crosses to represent the major stars within the constellation?

The example above shows some of the difficulties that may arise from creating a dot-to-dot design. As many of the stars within a constellation are clustered together, it wouldn't necessarily make for a very clear image when completed. You would definately need numbers, and from the photographs of the constellations I have already researched and produced on this design context blog, it could clutter the image- when I want to really experiment with the use of negative space. 
Probably not the method of delivery to go for, though I will experiment all the same, undoubtedly.

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