Saturday, 19 March 2011

David Shrigley.

As suggested in our progress crit session with tutor Jo, I have begun to research the work of David Shrigley- and paying particular attention to his work involving signage- a style and theme of design which Jo recognised within our own progression and development of our current 'Communication is a Virus' project...

I have genuinely fallen in love with Shrigley's work- hilarious, innovative, fresh and bold- this is really everything that (speaking for us all) my group can aspire to. 

What I like best about Shrigley's work is his use of parody- taking an existing piece of signage- or reference and then manipulating it to make something completely different- a 180 degree angle of normality, and forcing the onlooker or viewer to have a different perspective.

Really pleased that I followed this suggestion up, Shrigley's work has made me feel totally inspired to start creating mischeif.

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