Sunday, 13 March 2011

Manipulated/Funny Road Signs.

Currently researching images of signage for our 'communication is a virus': lies project- looking at every day signs and creating a new or slightly alterted slogan to gauge people's responses, and the affect they have on others.

Here are a few exisiting examples for witty and light-hearted inspiration...
(all images sourced from google images)
Altered images...manipulated signage:

Always funny- taking words or images out of context, defying or manipulating subtley but often very amusing- to avoid criminal action, in our practice we could always tape temporary images over the signs as oppossed to vandalising.

...Because graffiti can have it's merits too. I really like this idea of taking a sign or well-known phrase out of context, often opposing it's meaning or refrencing popular culture.

Funny motorway signage- highjacked signs with amusing notes of caution...

...A great example of how not all signs and notifications have to be completely serious. Lots of great "accidents" (coicidental placements, such as "elderly people" and "cemetry") and adittions- great inspiration to get creative, and try to look at every day notices in a new light- with the hope that others will too.

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  1. Adding a humorous approach to the message of a signboard is fine, for as long as it doesn't sound racist. :) In my years, I can honestly say that it’s the funny signboards that are often followed. Hence, let's take advantage of this, for the good.

    Clinton Hurlburt