Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image.

"Graphic Design is the intersection point between art and communication"- Philippe Appeloig

Brilliant typographic 'Celebrating the Poster' poster design by Philippe Appeloig advertising a group exhibition, featured in Taschen's 'Graphic Design Now' book (2005).

I really like the simplicity of this image and how strongly it translates through both of the type and image elements of the design. 

I feel that perhaps why I am so fond of this bold, geometric style is because of how easily it translates en masse- a style for everyone, young and old to respond to- with bold colours popping out against the grey background this design, I believe, would be eye-catching to anybody.

For an exhibition, I feel that this design is a truly great advertisement- representing all that the show has to offer- bold, attention-grabing and visually punchy- all that poster design should be.

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