Sunday, 27 March 2011

What Is A Line?: Constellations- Embrioded.

Research secondary sources, focusing on constellations- type and image created through embriodery and stitch...

I really love these embrioded constellation designs by artist 'minature rhino'- an American esty ( seller. Her bold textile and stitch designs use bold, simple imagery which visually communicates well with striking colours- royal blues and golds or navy and whites. Along with the simple dashed line, she combined the complex french knot method to represent the main stars within the constellation- the dashed line joining them together, as if it were infact a line in the sky (though this of course is just a visual aid for recognising the constellations). Also, a really good combination of shapes- the rounded frame of the embriodery hoop, the stars and constellation form made up of lines and the rounded knots of stars to fill negative space.

I've already begun creating a few embriodery stitch designs, but this has definately inspired me to go on and persue this- with time being my only real constraint in the design process. Although I am lucky enough to be a relatively experienced with embriodery (my pre-FMP project at college was a fashion and embriodery one), it does of course take a lot of time and patience, which sadly, graphic design doesn't always cater for!
Could consider scanning in or mixing with other mediums for a 2D deliverable also?

Another design from minature rhino- but this time combining the constellations with another image. Perhaps not formal enough for the info graphics style that I am aiming for, but a great use of line. Really like this design- I want to start stitching again now!

Another etsy seller- this time ByBelinda- a simple constellation pattern here applied in a decoupage-like card format. Really simple but quite bold and striking. I'm not too fond of the white paper at the bottom- I probably would have typed white on black onto the card- but this is more of the bold style I am hoping to achieve. Despite the fact that it would be really great to be elaborate and quite abstract with my designs, with the entire 88 series of constellations to reproduce, as aforementioned, time will be of the essence!

Another great embriodery here, this time by artist Margie Schell.
Really inventive use of mixed media here- she combined electronics with textiles with the main stars in the constellations as LED lights inserted into the embriodery fabric, with the stitch joining them together to make the Ursa Major constellation (also known as 'The Larger Bear'- as it is depicted here). Really clever idea- I'd like to see the design when lit.

Designs by Rebecca Grigsby- I like the more contemporary and design focused style of these embrioded designs- really clean and crisp, and combining the name of the constellation on the back of the cards- really clear and communicates well. Could even be applied to placemats or beermats- learning on the go!

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