Sunday, 27 March 2011

What Is A Line?: Constellations- Screenprinted.

Whilst searching for screenprinted deliverables with the theme of constellations online- the majority of what I found was in fabric or textiles form, which has really inspired me to expand my design ideas outside of just the book or poster deliverable. These are a few of my favourite examples...

...The elusive "funky penguin" constellation...finally discovered!
I had talked with friends and group mates about originally creating a "create your own constellations" guide filled with funny or amusing animals and inanimate objects- whereas I can experiment this, I really want to push my design as a commercial commodity (sadly I can't just create everything for me!)- I will experiment with a few designs, but I think it runs a risk of potentially communicating poorly. Whilst the ironic science hipsters may realise that "the funky penguin" or "the china teapot" are not real constellations, not everyone will! (Alas!)

Good, clearly communicating constellation (orion and lyra) t-shirts in monochrome. Bold designs, though I think I would want something a little more visually complex...or, to put it in my language...snazzy.

More great "fantastical" designs (how I wish there were pigeon and bicycle constellations...!)- definately something I will play around with. I also hope that I get the oppurtunity to screnprint- not only for t-shirt or fabric design but also on paper stock. The colours you can produce with screenprinting- the vibrant metallic gold and silvers, or even glow in the dark inks would be really appropriate for my designs and would create a great hand-rendered effect- a style I believe that would be well-suited to the magical and awe-inspiring galaxies and nebule in which our constellations live.

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