Thursday, 31 March 2011

What Is Graphic Design For?: Type and Image- Google Homepage; Robert Bunsen.

The brilliant Google homepage for today- the birthday of Robert Bunsen, revered German chemist of whom the bunsen burner was named.

I'm a big fan of Google, the company, and search-engine single-handidly increasing my IQ threefold in the past five years or so (probably)- and one of it's main attractions are the creative and playful header bars they make on "special occasions"- and this animated design is no exception- a great treat, make sure you see it before the day is out if you can!

This playful, scientifically-themed design really reminds me of my favourite design branding, for Swiss pharmacutical company, Geigly- using bold, geometric printed style which I really respond positively to- bold, bright and eye-catching design- it's great to see a translation on this style in screen format, and I believe this works just as effectively as the traditional print stylings of Geigly.

Google have certainly opened up an even greater and traffic of their website through this tradition of gadgetry banners- creating online fascination, linking through social networks and increased hits- a great design strategy, which also helps people to learn or discover more about social history. 

Just great design.

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